Universe Hopping Methods

All of the ways characters went from one universe to another throughout the series.

Olivia's Natural Ability

Olivia is naturally able to hop between universes. Cortexiphan, developed by Walter Bishop and William Bell, prevents Olivia's brain from undergoing a natural limitation process that would prevent her from using this ability. Use of her ability does not seem to negatively effect either universe.

Universe hopping method: Olivia's Natural Ability

David Robert Jones' Device

This device produces a portal between universes similar to the kind generated by Walter's device but without the need for bulky equipment.

Universe hopping method: David Robert Jones' Device

William Bell's Vehicle Transfer

William Bell pulled Olivia into the Redverse before she knew how to use her own powers. The mechanism by which he did this is unknown. Olivia was driving her car when the switch happened. It is unknown if this method of transfer adversely affects either universe, but there is no good reason to think it doesn't.

Universe hopping method: William Bell's Vehicle Transfer

Walter's Device

Walter made a device in 1985 to cross into the Redverse to deliver a cure to Peter. Using this device to rip a hole between universes was the first crack in a series of cracks that led to the deterioration of both universes, particularly the Redverse.

Universe hopping method: Walter's Device

Transfer Using Harmonic Rods

Due to each universe vibrating at its own frequency, harmonic rods could be used to tune a subject to its target universe and initiate a transfer. Three rods form a triangle, with the subject to be moved placed in the center. This method has been used on both people and objects. Something that crosses from universe A to universe B by this method requires something of equal mass to be transferred from universe B to universe A to balance it. If this is not done manually, the universes will naturally pull matter over to balance themselves.

Universe hopping method: Transfer Using Harmonic Rods

The Bridge Room

Peter bridged the Blueverse and the Redverse so that anyone (with clearance) could just walk through a couple doorways from one to the other. Not only were there no negative consequences from people crossing over this way, but having the universes connected via this bridge room actually allowed them to start healing.

Universe hopping method: The Bridge Room

Observer Abilities

Observers have the ability to hop from one universe to another. It is unknown if this method of transfer adversely affects either universe, but there is no good reason to think it doesn't. See Observer Abilities for more information.

Universe hopping method: Observer Abilities