Cortexiphan Treatment Results

In 2009 (spelled differently than how the drug would later be spelled, 'cortexiphan') was launched. The site is very sparse but seems to be a list of cortexiphan test subjects identified by their subject number, initials, trial year, and a final identifier with values P or N.

The data presented doesn't match up with what Fringe presents in seasons 3 and 4, particularly that Olivia Dunham is 'Subject 13' and Cameron James is 'Subject 9'. However, it does contain a couple bits of interesting information that may suggest earlier story ideas. Subject 1 has initials PB and is the only subject associated with the year 1980, suggesting that Peter Bishop was given cortexiphan before the official trials started. Subject 42 is OD, presumably Olivia Dunham, and while she and Peter are two of only 4 subjects here with a P by their name, Olivia's is the only one with an asterisk, suggesting there's something more special about her reaction to the drug.

You can browse an archived version of the website by clicking here.

A version of the same site archived just a couple months later, viewable by clicking here, says "We own the site now. Go elsewhere for your information. You will find nothing here." with a (broken) image at the bottom called 'frog.gif', which likely was the frog glyph, which has alternate text "wbwashere" if you hover over the image (which could refer to Walter Bishop or William Bell).