The Timeline without Peter

Listed below are all the differences between the main timeline (seasons 1-3) and the timeline without Peter (season 4), arranged by episode and with pictures and timestamps wherever appropriate.

S4E01 - Neither Here Nor There

  • Olivia was still kidnapped and held in the Redverse while Fauxlivia impersonated her in the Blueverse.
  • Astrid was a field agent. (Image 1)
  • Walter was afraid to leave the lab. (Image 2)
  • John Scott died during the Flight 627 investigation; Walter couldn't save him.
  • Olivia checked Walter out from the institution.
Difference: Astrid
Image 1: Astrid
Difference: Walter's room in the lab
Image 2: Walter's room in the lab

S4E02 - One Night in October

  • Fauxlivia was still with Frank.
  • Charlie married Bug Lady from 'Immortality'.
  • Olivia killed her stepfather as a child.
  • Alt Broyles was still alive. (Image 1)
Difference: Alt Broyles
Image 1: Alt Broyles

S4E03 - Alone in the World

  • Monthly evaluations by the director of St. Claire's were a condition for Walter's release from the institution. (Image 1)
Difference: Walter's evaluations
Image 1: Walter's evaluations

S4E04 - Subject 9

  • Walter hated Nina because he blamed her for breaking the vial with the cure for Peter's disease which ultimately led to the kidnapping and Peter's death.
  • Olivia ran away from the Cortexiphan trials.
  • Bell is still dead.
  • Elizabeth committed suicide after both Peters died.
  • Olivia hadn't heard about/from any of the other Cortexiphan subjects until Cameron James. (Image 1)
  • Olivia had never heard of Reiden Lake.
Difference: Cameron James
Image 1: Cameron James

S4E05 - Novation

  • Peter drowned when he and Walter crashed through the ice on Reiden Lake because the Observer never saved him.
  • Nina raised Olivia and Rachel. Their mother had died, Olivia had killed their abusive stepfather, and Nina stepped in to raise them before they could be put into the foster system. (Image 1)
  • The team (aside from Peter) don't know about the Observers.
  • Peter was supposed to die in both universes on that night in 1985 before the Observer's interventions.
  • Olivia had a horse-riding ribbon.
Difference: Photo of Olivia in Nina's office
Image 1: Photo of Olivia in Nina's office

S4E08 - Back to Where You've Never Been

  • Olivia had no idea she could cross between universes.
  • David Robert Jones is alive. (Image 1)
Difference: David Robert Jones
Image 1: David Robert Jones

S4E16 - Nothing As It Seems

  • Rachel is still married and has two kids, Ella and Eddie.

S4E17 - Everything in Its Right Place

  • The USSR still exists in the Redverse. (Image 1)
Difference: USSR
Image 1: USSR

S4E18 - The Consultant

  • Alt Lincoln's father was still alive. Walternate had mentioned the passing of Alt Lincoln's father in the original timeline. (Image 1)
Difference: Alt Lincoln's father
Image 1: Alt Lincoln's father